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From Our Customers' Laundry Rooms, Attics,Crawl Spaces, etc.
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Never know what you'll find in a
clothes dryer
Lint inside a clothes dryer -

LINT covering motor
LINT inside dryer
LINT on electrical connections
Clogged Vent  -
going into wall
Clogged Vent  -
under house
LINT under house - due to
rotted, torn plastic pipe
Clogged Screen at Termination -
(stops birds, but not legal)
BIRD NEST - coming out of
dryer vent
Clogged Roof Termination Vent

Crushed Vent Pipe in attic -
(stepped on by cable man)
WATER found in crushed pipe - if
it can't get to outside,
it'll stay in pipe
DAMP LINT Clogged at Elbow -
Rusting Vent Pipe
This is why screws are not
allowed by code to secure
dryer vents
Dr. Bill's Pet Infirmary & Mugsy the Cat
                                 (a short, simple story)
We got a call from Dr. Bill.  
Their dryer was taking
much too long to dry
towels, etc., at the animal
We found a lot of lint and a lot of animal hair (surprise!) in
the interior of the dryer and the vent
We got rid of all that
yucky stuff, making
the Dr.'s dryer and
venting system much
more efficient and
much safer too!
Then Dr. Bill said he wanted to
introduce me to a patient of his
who had just arrived the day
before: Mugsy the cat.
You see, poor Mugsy wasn't
feeling very well.  He had
sneaked into a place where he
wasn't supposed to be:  his
owner's clothes dryer!
His traumatic ride lasted less
than a minute, but that was long
    " Get Rid of the Lint..........Call CleanVent !! "
Clogged inside screen -
safer BIRD/RODENT Guard
to cause burns on his face and ears.
His frantic owner rushed him to Dr. Bills Pet Infirmary,
where the kind Dr. did his doctoring.
Mugsy is doing fine now.

So our story ends with two happy characters:
Mugsy the cat, who assuredly has learned a lesson;
and Dr. Bill's clothes dryer, which can now